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//TOP\\ Download BSTweaker51610 (1) Zip

BlueStacks Tweaker is very useful tool for recharge tricks / loot users. :D Whenever some refer and earn offer comes all we need to do is simply change GUID, Android ID and Google Ad ID in BS Tweaker in order to earn more by downloading from your own referral link.

Download BSTweaker51610 (1) zip

Now days many Android app developers adds security to there app by checking Android ID if someone tries to download the same app again on same device. So by using this tool you can change it and earn more recharge and vouchers.

While downloading any Android app from Google Play Store, when you click on Install button, a popup appears where all types of permissions are mentioned. Those are the permissions / security measures which are being implemented by various recharge and shopping apps in order to check whether this app has already been installed previously or not. 041b061a72


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