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Ergo Proxy

When asked about how he devised the title Ergo Proxy, Satō simply replied "[I]t sounds cool".[8] Murase explained he originally wanted to use the concept of everyone having another self inside of themselves: the idea that there are two personalities inside a person and noted that René Descartes' phrase "cogito, ergo sum" was the inspiration for it. Satō stated that they originally did not want to explicitly express the concepts of Gnosticism in the anime. However, their personal beliefs ended up reflecting the ideas of Gnosticism and realized how well these terms fit and decided to use them.[9]

Ergo Proxy

earth, sky, gods, man; a gnostic examination of human history and existence. one of the few shows, like evangelion, that entirely invents its own visual & thematic language; if you're able to tune into that, you'll have an experience like no other. what starts off as a beleaguered cyberpunk story soon mutates into something bizarre and revelatory; the boundaries collapse between the character's psyches, their metaphysical existence, and their physical bodies. dreamy, depressing, always reaching towards hope and heaven, ergo proxy is an achievement in capturing the universal ennui and soul-searching of women, men, and machines caught in a cascading neo-platonic apocalypse. 041b061a72


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