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Ashfaq Hussain Electrical Power What You Need to Know

Extraction of Agro Farm Power by Using Rice Husk Data in Bangladesh PDFSalama Jahan Nipa, M. A. HossainRice husk is an agro processed product by technologically. Husk power systems is a startup company based in Bihar, India, Indonesia, South Korea that provides power to thousands of rural peoples in the world. In developing country like Bangladesh, the demand of electrical power is very higher than the available production. Bangladesh is an agriculture based country and the production of rice is increasing in tremendous amound in the last decade. Rice husk based power plant is already installed in few countries. However, there are some locations in which rice husk based power station projects could be feasible in Bangladesh. By analyzing the previously collected data on the selected locations, this work has been carried out to predict if these resources are sufficient for rice husk power, in the hope to extract electrical power to use in agro farm machineries, agro product processing

ashfaq hussain electrical power


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