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Teahouse (1982) 1080p [CRACKED]

An old teahouse in Beijing serves as the stage for a drama that unfolds over several tumultuous decades of modern Chinese history, from the waning days of the Qing dynasty to the eve of the People's Republic.

Teahouse (1982) 1080p

As the first reviewer in the English language, I have the solemn duty of informing you all that I tried watching this without subs and I missed a lot to say the least. I still got a lot out of it though. Lao She is one of the pre-eminent literary figures in modern Chinese history, and this adaptation of his most famous play has the feel of a historical epic. It focuses on one teahouse through the decades as dynasties rise and fall in the early 20th century, culminating with a big emotional payoff. 041b061a72


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