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HDThe Mummy Returns

(Rick sees a fallen tree, which is running across a chasm like a bridge, allowing the mummies to run across. He lights the stick of dynamite in question and throws it in the mummies' path on the tree bridge. One mummy grabs the lit dynamite and another tries to pull it away. They get into a fight over it, resulting in the first mummy kicking the second off the tree. Holding the dynamite, the mummy then leads the charge across the tree, but it suddenly explodes, killing the mummy and all the rest in the explosion's path, which also causes the tree to fall into the chasm as well. They fall into the chasm below. NC is seen laughing)

HDThe Mummy Returns

Sexual Content: B+ A husband and wife kiss, somewhat passionately, a few times. Woman dressed in low-cut dress revealing ample cleavage. A woman kisses a decomposing mummy. Woman briefly seen wearing only body paint and a small thong-like cloth, however little detail can be seen of her body. 041b061a72


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