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Sniper Elite 3 MULTi13-PLAZA

Well I am new to this program, and so far I have not had problems, it always loads the games but I have started to play the sniper elite series and in the third installment it gives me the problem of 32bits, since the game is 64 Is there a solution?WeMod 11_03_2021 16_24_211283800 75.3 KB

Sniper Elite 3 MULTi13-PLAZA

Edit:INFINITE ITEMS causes the rock to crash the game instantly after it gets thrown:PSA:TURN OFF INFINITE ITEMS WHEN YOU GO TO DISTRACT ENEMIES! (this cheat is bound to f3) Braindead enemies also makes the game crash when throwing a rock or using the flint and steel, i tested it with only this option enabled and nothing else was enabled, including infinite items. It also affects animations such as entering sniper nests and kicking generators. 041b061a72


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