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During the annual team-up episode, a trio of powerful half-mutant, half-org monsters called Mut-Orgs travel back in time from the year 3001 to join forces with Master Org and clash with Wes Collins and Eric Myers, the Red Time Force Ranger and Quantum Ranger, prompting the Wild Force Rangers to come to their aid. Wes and Eric contact the other four Time Force rangers in the future and they travel back to aid them, along the previous season's villains Ransik and his daughter Nadira. Ransik, who has reformed, reveals that he was the one who freed the Mut-Orgs and works with the rangers, stripping the three monster mutant powers and weakening them enough for the rangers to destroy them. Ransik is also stripped of his own powers during the battle, turning him into a normal human.

Download Film Power Rangers Wild Force Bahasa Indonesia


Eventually Duke Orgs Jindrax and Toxica learn of Master Org's human origins and turn on him, awakening the Org General Mandilok to overthrow him.Shortly after during a battle with the rangers Master Org is stripped of his powers. Mandilok takes this opportunity to kill the now powerless Dr.Adler. Mandilok then proceeds to take control of the Org forces. Meanwhile the ranger befriend an amnesiac boy named Kite who has mysterious powers. Kite is revealed to the reborn Animus, the ancestor of the Wild Zords who was destroyed by the original Master Org 3000 years ago. Mandilok attempts to turn Animus against the rangers by showing him the destruction and pollution humans have caused over the last 3000 years, and appears to be successful as Animus takes away the Ranger's Wild Zords. However Animus revealed he was only testing the rangers and returns to aid them and gives them back their Wild Zords.


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