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Discord Help Request

Contacting Discord over Twitter will put you in touch with a Discord representative, who will either direct you to an appropriate help page or move your conversations to a DM, where they can provide more detailed assistance.

Discord Help Request

Like Discord users, developers are allowed to send support requests. Their request form is a little broader, and the help center isn't as large, but you can still get answers and related assistance.

First, go to the game developers' submission request form. Then provide a description of the problem, how the bug is affecting your program's function, what the program is intended to do without the bug, and what the outcome is of the program with the bug.

If you regret your Discord purchase, like Discord Nitro or a Server Boost, you have five days from date of purchase to submit your refund request. Any longer than this and Discord won't refund, with no exceptions.

You'll receive an automatic email response from Discord. Read the email carefully because you'll need to respond with some information. For example, if you're requesting a gift refund, you will have to say something like:

Consider subscribing to Tidelift which provides license assurances and timely security notifications for your open source dependencies, including Nokogiri. Tidelift subscriptions also help the Nokogiri maintainers fund our automated testing which in turn allows us to ship releases, bugfixes, and security updates more often.

Collaborations often find themselves in need of some kind of a help request system that allows people to submit a form on a webpage or send a message requesting something that should be handled by a team or by a role that may be filled by different people over time. There are many reasons for needing this generic system; some examples could include

The relevant people must be notified promptly that a new help request has been submitted. In general you want the potential to reach a dynamic group of people, each of whom should have control over their notifications.

Consider a common scenario: A team of a few developers are responsible for building and troubleshooting issues with a job management system that their collaboration uses to produce scientific results. When a researcher has a problem, there is a help request form on the job system web interface that the researcher submits explaining their issue. How should the dev team be notified of this request?

Matrix provides a robust solution for notifications. One of the devs can create a dedicated Matrix room for Help Request notifications, inviting the other devs who are allowed to receive these notifications. Individually, the participating devs can set their notification level in their own Matrix clients (e.g. all messages, mentions only, or none). This scheme does not force them to choose between being pestered by all notifications or missing all request information as traditional email lists often do. A dev can both disable active notifications and yet still manually visit the room to read all messages posted there.

We have seen how a team using CIRCUSES can setup their own notification system with minimal reliance on sysadmins. The next tool they need is some kind of task management system that provides a way to assign individuals to work on the requests and track the progress of each request to ensure things get done. A popular application for this is Jira, but Jira is not free and open source (FOSS) software, and the owning company Atlassian has recently announced that it will no longer support self-hosting of Jira.

All new features require someone interested and able to implement thatfeature. If you are interested in helping to implement or test a newfeature, you can search for ongoing developments in theKlipper Community Forum. There is alsoKlipper Discord Chat for discussions betweencollaborators.

Klipper github may be used by contributors to share the status oftheir work to improve Klipper. It is expected that the person openinga github ticket is actively working on the given task and will be theone performing all the work necessary to accomplish it. The Klippergithub is not used for requests, nor to report bugs, nor to askquestions. Use the Klipper Community Forum or theKlipper Community Discord instead.

The automation bot will automatically respond to FAQs and links to relevant documentation. If the documentation doesn't exist, the analytics bot will ensure that it creates a new topic to cover the given request. Thus eliminating support gaps in the future.

Although one is used within the browser and the other installed on your computer, the two apps are identical and work in the same way. This means that sending friend requests is done in exactly the same way on both.If you\u2019re using the desktop version, start by running the Discord app. If you prefer the web version, go to https:\/\/\/.In order to add a friend on Discord, you need to have their tag. This isn't just a user ID, you'll also need the 4-digit number to send the request. If the friend that you\u2019re trying to add doesn\u2019t know where to find their Discord tag, tell them to go to the lower-left corner of their Discord screen. There, they should see their username, followed by a four-digit number with a # sign in front of them. They can either type this out for you or simply left-click it. Discord will automatically copy the entire Discord tag to the clipboard.First, you may need to navigate to the Home page. Click on the Discord logo in the upper left-hand corner of the Discord window. Select the green 'Add Friend' button in the top center of the Discord interface.Now, paste your future Discord friend\u2019s tag that was mentioned earlier and select Send Friend Request.Once your friend has accepted your request, they\u2019ll be added to your friends' list and you\u2019ll be able to communicate using Discord.", "url": " -to-send-a-friend-request-on-discord/#step1" }, "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Phone/Tablet App", "image": " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-72-500x1024.png", "text": "The phone and tablet app for Discord is one and the same. This goes for both iOS and Android devices. Either way, get things going by starting the Discord app on your device.Once inside the app, navigate to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper-left corner of the screen. A menu will pop up. This is called the navigation menu.Now, stop sifting through your friends' list, looking for a Friend option, like on desktop\/web app versions. Instead, locate an icon that resembles a waving person (at the bottom of the screen). Tap this icon. This will open your entire list of friends. In the upper-right corner of the app, you\u2019ll see an icon resembling a person with a plus sign. Tap here.Now, just enter your future friend\u2019s tag and then select Send Friend Request.", "url": " -to-send-a-friend-request-on-discord/#step2" , "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "How to Add Friends From Within a Server", "image": " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-58.png", "text": "If you've met someone on Discord in another server or channel, it's easy to add them as a friend.Open the Servers' channel and click on the username of the person you'd like to friend. Then, hover over their profile image to 'View Profile.'You'll be taken to their profile page where you can click on the 'Send Friend Request' button.", "url": " -to-send-a-friend-request-on-discord/#step3" , "@type": "HowToStep", "name": "Adding Nearby People", "image": " -content/uploads/2021/03/tempFileForShare_20210303-222837-500x1024.jpg", "text": "To make things easy for everyone, Discord has introduced the Nearby Scan option. This essentially works by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to find Discord users that are near you. This is definitely a quicker method than asking for someone\u2019s Discord tag.However, make sure that the friend that you\u2019re trying to add is also using the Nearby Scan, as well. Also, just to be safe, have them turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while performing the Nearby scan process.If you and your friend have done everything correctly, you should see their entry appear on your screen. Select it and then press Send. They\u2019ll receive your friend request and they\u2019ll be added to your list as soon as they accept it.Bear in mind that this method works only for mobile\/tablet app versions.", "url": " -to-send-a-friend-request-on-discord/#step4" ], "tool":[ ] } BODY .fancybox-containerz-index:200000BODY .fancybox-is-open .fancybox-bgopacity:0.87BODY .fancybox-bg background-color:#0f0f11BODY .fancybox-thumbs background-color:#ffffff "@context": " ", "@type": "BreadcrumbList", "itemListElement": [ "@type": "ListItem", "position": 1, "item": "@id": " -games/", "name": "Gaming" , "@type": "ListItem", "position": 2, "item": "@id": " -games/gaming-social/", "name": "Social" , "@type": "ListItem", "position": 3, "item": "@id": " -games/gaming-social/discord/", "name": "Discord" ] "@context": " ", "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage": "@type": "WebPage", "@id": " -to-send-a-friend-request-on-discord/" , "headline": "How to Send a Friend Request on Discord", "image": [ " -content/uploads/2020/06/discord-how-to-send-friend-request.jpg?resize=1200%2C666&ssl=1", " -content/uploads/2020/06/discord-how-to-send-friend-request.jpg?resize=1200%2C666&ssl=1", " -content/uploads/2020/06/discord-how-to-send-friend-request.jpg?resize=1200%2C666&ssl=1", " -content/uploads/2020/06/discord-how-to-send-friend-request.jpg?fit=1200%2C666&ssl=1", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-70-1024x630.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-17-1024x631.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-68-1024x631.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-69-1024x631.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-72-500x1024.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-71-500x1024.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-73-500x1024.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-58.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/Screenshot-59.png", " -content/uploads/2021/03/tempFileForShare_20210303-222837-500x1024.jpg", " -content/uploads/2020/06/notifications.png" ], "datePublished": "2020-06-13T00:00:00+00:00", "dateModified": "2021-03-04T06:18:33-06:00", "author": "@type": "Person", "name": "Cassandra" , "publisher": "@type": "Organization", "name": "Alphr", "logo": "@type": "ImageObject", "url": " -content/themes/alphr/images/logo_new.svg" , "description": "As one of the most popular gaming and non-gaming chat apps available today, Discord revolves heavily on user interaction. With the friends' feature, Discord allows you to add any other user in the world, as long as you have" var ajaxurl = ' -admin/admin-ajax.php'; window.adsLoaded = false; var freestar = freestar ; freestar.queue = freestar.queue []; freestar.config = freestar.config ; freestar.config.enabled_slots = []; freestar.initCallback = function () if (typeof window.initAds !== "undefined") window.initAds(); else window.adsLoaded = true; (freestar.config.enabled_slots.length === 0) ? freestar.initCallbackCalled = false : freestar.newAdSlots(freestar.config.enabled_slots) GamingXboxNintendoPlayStationTwitchDiscordMinecraftSteamPC & MobileAndroidiPhoneChromebookWindowsMacGoogle SheetsZoomGoogle MeetGoogle PhotosMicrosoft TeamsZohoSocial MediaFacebookInstagramTikTokTwitterSnapChatWhatsAppTelegramMessengerInternetVPNsAlexaGoogle PhotosiCloudPaypalNotionEntertainmentChromecastFire TVsRokuNetflixSpotifyKodiDisney+GadgetsSmart HomeEchoGoogle HomeiPadKindle FireVizio TVsSamsung TVsVPNsKodiXboxOn a RouterAndroidFirestickSubscribe UsSubscribeGamingXboxNintendoPlayStationTwitchDiscordMinecraftSteamPC & MobileAndroidiPhoneChromebookWindowsMacGoogle SheetsZoomGoogle MeetGoogle PhotosMicrosoft TeamsZohoSocial MediaFacebookInstagramTikTokTwitterSnapChatWhatsAppTelegramMessengerInternetVPNsAlexaGoogle PhotosiCloudPaypalNotionEntertainmentChromecastFire TVsRokuNetflixSpotifyKodiDisney+GadgetsSmart HomeEchoGoogle HomeiPadKindle FireVizio TVsSamsung TVsVPNsKodiXboxOn a RouterAndroidFirestickSearchHomeGaming Social Discord How to Send a Friend Request on Discord CassandraRead moreMarch 4, 2021 041b061a72


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